A speech Greg presented at the Gov. Mike Pence rally on 8/16/2016:

IMG_3178 copyAfter the past 8 years this election is THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION OF THIS CENTURY.  We will decide the course of this Nation not only for the next 4 or 8 years, but for the next generation.

The next president will decide the majority of justices who preside over the Supreme Court. Making decisions about our right to bear arms, our right to life, liberty and religious freedoms.  For me it is a simple as that.

Consider where we are at as a state and nation and consider what is at stake in this election.

Liberty – The very basis of our country’s foundation, as created by the Founding Fathers, is slipping away.  Big government is the instrument by which Liberty of the People is deprived and ultimately erased.  We have candidates at every level, local, state and national where there is a stark contrast – one will fight to preserve Liberty, one will continue to grow government.  People risk their lives to come to this country because they recognize the blessings of Liberty that our own citizens take for granted.

Fiscal Responsibility –  We as a Nation have a 19.5 trillion dollar deficit.  Each of us owes $60,000 to pay it off.  If you only count those of us who pay income tax, tax payers each owe $162,000.  Our State has to figure out how to balance last year’s budget with about 150 million dollar shortfall and will have to tackle a shortfall of 500 million dollars for the current year.  The leadership of the Democrat Party says Education cannot be touched.  Education makes up approximately 60% of the entire State’s budget.  We have to make tough choices.  We have to have elected leaders that recognize most of the problem is massive bloated government.  Failed government programs continue to cost us money and demand that WE THE PEOPLE continue to give more of our own money to support them every year.

You will choose between candidates who want to reduce government and candidates who think you are not paying enough and that government should grow.  WE THE PEOPLE should decide enough is enough. We cannot wait 8 more years to tackle tough fiscal issues.

National Defense – Do you want a Commander in Chief who failed as Secretary of State?  Who was in charge of the embassy in Bengazi?  Do you need more proof than that?

Ladies and Gentlemen this election is important.  Be engaged. Vote. Talk to your neighbors. Look at the candidates and choose the leaders you want leading our County, State and Nation.

I learned as a County Commissioner that we have to fight for our community if we want to keep our way of life. It takes each and every one of us.

Locally we have three County Commission races. Candidates Robert B. Corn, Calder Ezzell and Jeff Bilberry will continue to stand up to the federal government.

I also believe in our community. I believe in the right to work, the necessity of the Second Amendment, and small government. My opponent believes everyone should belong to a union and would continue to expand the size and scope of government.  I want to join Representatives Ezzell and Wooley to continue to have a Republican majority in the House and with some help from the top of the ticket maybe we could have a majority in the Senate to allow the Republicans for the first time in many generations to put its ideas into action and show New Mexico we can do better.  We could get state government back on track and off your back if we had both houses in the legislature as Governor Martinez is working hard to accomplish.  If we accomplish this, we still need a Court that will not legislate and will properly enforce the laws the People’s elected representatives enacted.  Justice Nakamura and Judge French need your support to get elected to the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals.  The alternative is to continue to be dominated by activist judges on our highest courts.

Finally, do you want to send Congressman Pearce back to DC to fight for us or do you want to elect a person who will take her que from Congressman Lujan?  I say we elect the guy who has valiantly fought for us in good times and bad, who stands up to the BLM and Forest Service, who understands the effect government regulations have on business and the hard working New Mexicans in southern New Mexico.

I, like you, are ready for real change, real hope and a return to the fundamental values that has always made this Nation great.  One that holds Liberty of the People in high esteem.  I hope you will choose to Make America Great Again – Vote for the men and women who will preserve and protect the Liberty of the People.  Too many of our fellow citizens have shed their blood for the cause of Liberty for us to take it lightly.

May God Bless our men and women who are in harm’s way domestically and abroad and may God Bless America.

I humbly ask for your vote.  Thank you.